A New Member Joins Prime’s Team


Well, it finally happened.  We’ve found a new member to join our team.  We are pleased to announce that person is Kimberly Burt.  With over 10 years of experience and hailing from Fairhaven Massachusetts, Kim should be a great fit.  With the new year upon us, a new team member, and business picking up, we’re sure that 2013 will be a great year!


So, who wants a solar farm?

In the last couple of years, we have found ourselves permitting more and more Solar Farms.  Many of our clients have found that land which was previously difficult to develop, is now a great spot to site a ground mounted photo-voltaic solar installation.  Sites that were previously thought undevelopable due to the need for large wetland crossings, poor soil, or zoning issues, are often perfect candidates.

We have had great success permitting these type of projects in Massachusetts towns such as Swansea, Dartmouth, Freetown, Raynham, Carver, and New Bedford.  Our success comes from our experience in permitting many other innovative projects throughout the Commonwealth.  The key is choosing the right permitting strategy early on. Many solar developers stumble in this area since more typical roof mounted systems only require a building permit.  By teaming with Prime, solar developers are able to succeed in obtaining the necessary permits and actually start putting panels on the ground instead of spinning their wheels at the town hall.

Recently, two of our engineers, Rich Rheaume and Evan Watson gave a presentation to one of our favorite Solar clients, Borrego Solar.  The presentation was created to help solar developers understand the importance of choosing the right consultant when attempting to permit their proposals.  

Whether you’re a solar developer or a land owner with land you thought was undevelopable, contact us to see how we can help get those panels on the ground.

Prime Time is Online

Well, we’ve finally done it.  The website has been updated to include links to the Prime Time blog.  We have lots of new projects that we’re working on that we’re positive will provide lots of inspiration for “blogging.”

As an added bonus, we’ve been able to integrate the Prime Engineering Facebook Page and Facebook commenting.  So, if you read something you like, be sure to “Like” it!  Also, if you don’t feel like visiting primeengineering.org on a routine basis, if you “Like” our Facebook Page, you’ll be sure to be notified of new posts.